Founded by parishioners of the FSSP Apostolate in Scranton, PA, Juventutem Scranton has it's roots and future in the Traditions of Holy Mother Church


Juventutem Scranton is a group of Catholic young adults who pursue holiness by attending the Traditional Latin Mass (“TLM”) and by tapping into other timeless traditions of the Faith.  Juventutem Scranton is an affiliate of the Fœderatio Internationalis Juventutem (FIJ), whose members work for the sanctification of youth in the local dioceses and parishes arould the world

Members have an interest in and love of the Traditional Latin Mass – which is also known as the ‘Tridentine Mass,’ the ‘Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite,’ the ‘Gregorian Mass,’ and the ‘usus antiquior’ (older use).



Stephanie Pendrak

Caroline Gillenkirk   Vice President

Caroline Gillenkirk

Vice President

Rachel Schrader
Event Coordinator

Mary Bennett   Director of Communications

Mary Bennett

Director of Communications

Jim McWhirter   Co-Treasurer

Jim McWhirter


Jim Gillenkirk   Co-Treasurer

Jim Gillenkirk




Elise Nickles   Secretary

Elise Nickles


Kevin Dougher

Logistics & Security

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