Defending the Faith

On Saturday, June 18, we had our first guest speaker, Father Pendergraft, FSSP.  He gave a brilliant talk on Defending the Faith in the Modern World. It was so appropriate for what we are all experiencing as we live in today's world.... Same Sex marriage, Transgender Issues, Abortion... Father gave us match and challenged us to really begin to Defend and spread our Catholic Light.

We were challenged at the end of the meeting to help bring someone, a lost sheep, back into the fold. Maybe a fallen away Catholic, or someone not even Catholic at all... we each were asked to do this within 1 year. It is our hope that Juventutem Scranton will help in this and that people will invite others to our meetings.

Also at the meeting, our Officers were introduced. We would like to welcome and thank Caroline Gillenkirk, Jim McWhirter, Brian Palmiter and Mary LaFata into the fold :-)