According to our International Charter (Found here: Juventutem Charter), Articles 27-33 explain the Criteria for Admission. In summary, Juventutem consists mainly of single Men and Women, age 18-36. However, members may be over the age of 36 and or married/have holy orders, because we seek to unite all people who support the mission of Juventutem.

As Article 5 mentions, the name Juventutem, which means "Youth" in Latin, is not in essence a matter of age, but rather of familiarity with the grace of God. As the old adage goes, age is nothing but a number.

The Commitments:

The Commitments for an individual seeking to join Juventutem are:

  1. to pray the psalm Judica me or some other prayer each day for the sanctification of youth
  2. to visit a church and adore Our Lord, once a week (can be before or after Sunday Mass)
  3. to attend the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) at least once a year
  4. to go to confession at least once a year
  5. to participate in at least one Juventutem event per year
  6. to annually support the International Juventutem Federation head office with prayer and funds (10€)

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